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What's currently happening on my workbench
In the following posts, you can learn and see what is currently happening in the workshop of Thomas Brenneur. Making of news instruments, exhibitions, the general news etc...

Baroque Instrument Maker Exhibition
Saturday, June 14 2014 15:00

Montreal Baroque Festival - Instrument Maker Exhibition

Festival Montréal Baroque - Exposition de facteurs d’instruments

June 22, East Lounge Pollack Hall, Strathcona Music Building 555 Sherbrooke St. W. Montreal.

22 Juin, East Lounge Pollack Hall, Strathcona Music Building 555 Sherbrooke Ouest. Montréal.


Modern Violin
Monday, November 25 2013 00:00

I just finished this violin. Its a modern violin based on a stradivari pattern. If you would like to see it or try it, please let me know. You can see more picture if you click here.


Work in progress...a violin.
Sunday, October 13 2013 00:00

I am working on a new violin. This one is going to be a modern violin. Still on a Stradivari pattern. Most of the pieces are made. I just have to finish the top and assemble the whole instrument before varnishing it.

violin stradivari pattern  


Baroque Violin Stradivari model
Sunday, August 11 2013 00:00

This Baroque violin has just been completed, you can see more pictures of it if you click here.

Amati Baroque Viola
Wednesday, May 01 2013 00:00

The Baroque viola is completed, you can see more pictures of it if you click here

New workshop...
Saturday, March 23 2013 00:00

Here is a new picture of the new workshop, fully installed and being used to build the latest baroque viola (that you can see taking the sun in the window). You can see more pictures of the new workshop here.

New workshop  


Baroque viola
Saturday, March 23 2013 00:00

I am making a new baroque viola (copy of the Brother Amati Viola) with a veneered fingerboard and tailpiece. Below you can see the viola mostly done, with top in progress:

Baroque viola back and top
top and scroll
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