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  • Fran├žais
Varnishing the baroque violin
Monday, May 23 2011 00:00

The baroque violin is finished. I am now in the process of varnishing it (Antiqued). In amati time (and later), the instruments where varnished after having the fingerboard glued on the instrument, leaving an unvarnished area underneath it (as you can see here ).  I have done the same technique for this violin. But I have covered the fingerboard first to make sure that I don't put any varnish on it. Although, that would not be a big problem, as even Stradivari was doing it (and leaving varnish on the fingerboard). You can see it here on the original Stradivari "Lady blunt" fingerboard (the underside) as shown in the photo tour of this violin at Tarisio's. Note that the photo show the varnish more red than it is in real life.