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In the press & Video
Monday, September 19 2011 00:00

The "Mutation matière son, instruments de musique innovants" exhibition at the Centre Matéria in Quebec city has been noticed and a press article has been written about it. You can find it online on cyberpresse.ca (Journal Le Soleil). And below you can see a video slideshow of the instruments and their makers (http://vimeo.com/29183291):

Quebec city exhibition
Monday, August 29 2011 00:00

The vernissage of  the "Mutation matière son, instruments de musique innovants" exhibition at the Centre Matéria in Quebec city is scheduled for September 9 at 5pm. The entry is free and everyone is invited to the exhibition (that will run until October 30st). Click on the following picture to the the exhibition flyer:

Stradivari baroque violin
Thursday, August 11 2011 00:00

I am starting to work on a new violin. It's going to be a baroque violin based on the Stradivari "Milanollo" made in 1728. You can find a good paper on this instrument written by Roger Hargrave: in this pdf document here. The following picture show all the wood for this instrument along with the mould and templates.

Stradivari baroque violin parts
Boston Early Music Festival
Tuesday, June 14 2011 21:33
I am currently in Boston for the Boston Early Music Festival exhibition. Please come visit me if you want to see and try my instruments. I am on the 6th floor, table CC.
Baroque violin copy of Andrea Amati c.1566
Monday, June 06 2011 00:00

The baroque violin is ready, I have finished the varnish and the antiquing and I have set-up the instrument with gut strings. I have also made some pegs and a baroque bridge. I have made everything by hand (with a lathe for the pegs). The only thing that I have not made myself are the strings ! You can see some pictures below. (You can see more pictures of this instrument here)

Copy of Andrea Amati c.1566 baroque violin head
Varnishing the baroque violin
Monday, May 23 2011 00:00

The baroque violin is finished. I am now in the process of varnishing it (Antiqued). In amati time (and later), the instruments where varnished after having the fingerboard glued on the instrument, leaving an unvarnished area underneath it (as you can see here ).  I have done the same technique for this violin. But I have covered the fingerboard first to make sure that I don't put any varnish on it. Although, that would not be a big problem, as even Stradivari was doing it (and leaving varnish on the fingerboard). You can see it here on the original Stradivari "Lady blunt" fingerboard (the underside) as shown in the photo tour of this violin at Tarisio's. Note that the photo show the varnish more red than it is in real life. 


Baroque fittings
Wednesday, May 04 2011 00:00

The fingerboard and the tailpiece have been decorated by a simple purfling. And the fingerboard has been glued on the neck. Now I need to shape the handle and start the varnising process.

Baroque fitting

Baroque fitting tailpiece
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