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What's currently happening on my workbench

Making baroque accessories
Wednesday, April 27 2011 00:00

I am currently making the baroque accessories: fingerboard, tailpiece, pegs and button. The fingerboard and tailpiece are carved in a piece of pearwood and they will be decorated with a purfling. The pegs will be made from boxwood. Everything is carved by hand with saws, gouge, thumbplanes, chisels...etc.


Nailing the baroque neck
Monday, April 04 2011 00:00

The baroque neck has been nailed to the body of the instrument with 3 forged nails as this was done in the renaissance period. And then the back plate has been glued on to the ribs.

Nailing baroque neck with forged nails

Baroque neck and bottom plate

Andrea Amati baroque violin body and neck
Friday, March 18 2011 00:00

Almost all of the pieces of the baroque violin are ready (I also have to build the fingerboard, pegs,button and tailpiece). Now I need to nail (yes "nail", with antiques square nails as shown in this x-ray picture) the neck on the ribs (as this was done prior to the modern neck attachment: with a mortice) before being able to glue the bottom and the top to the ribs.

Thomas Brenneur Luthier. Amati baroque violin neck

Thomas Brenneur Luthier. Amati baroque violin body

Emptying baroque violin plates
Monday, February 21 2011 00:00

The baroque violin plates have been carved. The purfling has been inserted and the arching has been carved in the style of Andrea Amati. I am now emptying them before putting them to thickness and tuning the back and front plates. 


The viola has been sold
Saturday, December 04 2010 00:00

The viola has been sold. Congratulation to you Lisa ! 

The viola has been sold

Innovative musical instruments exhibition
Wednesday, November 24 2010 00:00

I just received the news that the my electro-acoustic violin has been selected for the "Mutation - Matière - Son" Innovative musical instrument exhibition. This event is scheduled for September 2011 in Quebec city in the Centre Matéria.

5 strings electro-acoustic violin

If you want to listen to this instrument,here are a few samples played by Anit Ghosh.

Baroque violin making
Thursday, November 11 2010 00:00

The baroque violin is taking shape. The head is completely carved, the sides are done, and I started to prepare the top and bottom. Next step: doing the rough carving of the top and bottom. As this violin is based on the Andrea Amati c.1566 small violin, I will have to study Andrea Amati's arching carefully before carving it. 

Baroque violin making

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