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What's currently happening on my workbench

Baroque violin parts
Wednesday, August 25 2010 00:00

I have collected the dimensions and other specifications for this baroque violin. I am now starting to build it. The wood has been selected, the templates and form are done. I have also prepared the ribs and started the neck and scroll. Next step: making the rib garland.


Baroque violin parts

My next instrument
Monday, June 07 2010 00:00

The next instrument that I am starting to work on is a baroque violin, inspired from a smaller (body length of 341mm) violin made by Andrea Amati in 1566. You can see a picture of it below. In this picture the instrument has been set-up as a moden instrument, but the instrument that I am going to make will have a complete baroque set-up with gut strings, fingerboard and tailpiece made out of pear-wood and pegs made from boxwood.


Andrea Amati violin 1566c

Montreal violin making exhibition
Monday, May 31 2010 00:00

This week end there was a violin making exhibition in Montreal. It was a nice event and I was able to meet many other local makers (from montreal and around) and musiciens who came to try the instruments. You can see more pictures of the exhibition here.


Montreal violin making exhibition


Violin making exhibition
The viola is varnished
Thursday, May 27 2010 00:00

The viola has been varnished. On the following pictures you can see the viola on the left and my first violin (antiqued) on the right. The first pictures show the viola before gluing back the fingerboard (removed to help varnishing the instrument) and the last picture show the viola finished with the fingerboard and setup done (the chinrest has not been added yet).


viola varnished


viola back varnished





Viola is ready to be varnished
Wednesday, May 19 2010 00:00

The viola is fully assembled. After cleaning it I am now able to start the varnishing process.


Viola before being varnished


Viola back, before being varnished


Viola scroll before being varnished


Viola before being varnished


Viola parts
Thursday, May 13 2010 00:00

All the parts of the viola are now complete. I have to put it all together and assemble the instrument now.


Viola parts, top ribs bottom and scroll


viola top and bottom plates
Viola plates
Monday, April 26 2010 00:00

The viola plates arching is done. Below you can see the top and bottom plates ready to be hollowed out. And the second picture show a detail of the upper corners with the purfling and the bee sting.

 Viola top and bottom plates
viola plate purfling detail 


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