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What's currently happening on my workbench

All the components !
Monday, October 23 2006 22:12
Here is a picture that shows all the main violin components. I have now to close the body, insert the neck and finish the handle. And after that, varnish and set-up the instrument.

all the violin components
Top completed
Monday, October 23 2006 22:04
The top is done ! I have finished graduating it, cut the f-holes, glued, shaped and tuned the bass-bar. I am know ready to close the body of the violin.

violin f-holes

violin f-holes
Assembly of the violin
Sunday, October 22 2006 15:10
As you may see on the next picture. I have started the assembly of the violin. I have glued the ribs on the bottom plate. And I have added the linings on the top side.

violin assembly

I also added a label to identify the violin. And associate it to the "Young Musicians of the World":

violin label
Thinning the plates
Friday, October 13 2006 13:45
As you can see below, I have carved the inside of the plates (Top and Bottom) to remove the unnecessary wood. I am know carving them to reach the right thickness and the right flexibility:

Violin plates

As soon as the plates will be tunes, I will be able to cut the f-holes, and add the bass-bar on the top plate.
The scroll
Friday, October 13 2006 13:40
On the next pictures, you can see the finished scroll. The handle will be completed as soon as the neck will be insterted in the body of the violin:

The violin scroll

Violin scroll
Same violin model
Friday, October 13 2006 13:30
The last violin I made has the same design than the violin I am currently making for the Young Musicians of the World. I just finished to varnish it. I have now to polish it before setting it up. The next pictures show this violin before being polished. For the Young Musicians of the World violin, I will use the same varnish. Those picture will let you see the look and the color that will have the YMW violin. The varnish is a home made oil varnish that give an golden/amber color with some red tint in it.

violin varnish

violin varnish
violin varnish
violin varnish
Its taking shape !
Friday, September 29 2006 14:53
As you can see on the following pictures, I have sawed the scroll outline. I will start carving it soon. The next picture show the ribs and the plates (top and bottom). The top arching is not completed yet. And the last picture show the how the set components is starting to look like the final instrument !

Violin neck outlined

Violin top bottom and ribs

violin top bottom ribs and neck

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