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What's currently happening on my workbench

Presenting my new viola
Wednesday, June 06 2012 00:00

The Brother Amati Baroque Viola copy has been completed. I presented it last wek at the International Viola Congress 2012 and had very good comments about it. You can see more pictures of it here

Brother Amati Baroque Viola c.1620 (copy) 


IVC 2012
Wednesday, June 06 2012 00:00

Last week I was at the International Viola Congress with Isabelle Wilbaux (Violin maker), Eric Gagné (Bow maker) and Emmanuel Bégin (Bow maker). It was very interesting and we met many viola players and collegues. Here is a picture of our table:

International viola congress 2012 


Viola is ready to be varnished
Wednesday, May 16 2012 00:00

The viola is ready to be varnished. The following pictures show it "in the white" meaning: with no varnish yet. The fingerboard and the tailpiece are made of figured maple with purfling inlays (Pegs will be made of pearwood). I am going to varnish it "baroque style" : with the fingerboard glued on ! 

Baroque amati viola in the white 

Baroque amati viola in the white Body of the Baroque amati viola in the white

Back of the Brother Amati baroque viola
Saturday, May 05 2012 00:00

The back has been completed. I have done the arching, inserted the purfling and carved and tuned the inside of the plate and glued the back to the ribs and neck, as you can see below. I can now work on the top of the instrument.

Baroque Amati Viola Back Baroque Amati Viola back carving the inside

Baroque Amati Viola back purfling corner detail Baroque Amati Viola back gluing on ribs

Brother Amati baroque viola parts
Tuesday, April 24 2012 00:00

I have completed the ribs, completed the carving of the head and attached the neck to the ribs, as done in baroque instruments. This enabled me to use the ribs outline to define the contour of the body of the instrument. And after jointing and planing the top and bottom plates, I did the rough carving as you can see below. Next steps are to complete the carving of the arching and insert the purfling.

Baroque Brothers Amati viola making

Baroque Amati viola scroll carving

Baroque Amati viola parts

Brother Amati baroque viola making
Tuesday, April 17 2012 00:00

The viola making is going forward nicely. As you can see on the following picture, I have completed the templates and mold. Blocks, corner and ribs are done, and the head should be finished today. Behind the ribs, you can see the maple that will be used to make the back of the instrument.

Baroque amati viola making, ribs and head

Brother Amati baroque viola
Sunday, April 08 2012 00:00

I am starting to build a new viola. A copy of the instrument made by the Brother Amati (Antonio  & Girolamo) in 1620. Its one of the few surviving viola with that size. It has not been cut to reduce it in size like all the surviving violas from Andrea Amati. I am going to build it as a baroque instrument. With a neck almost in line with the body. Tailpiece and fingerboard made from flamed maple (with purfling). And obviously, gut strings and a handcut baroque style bridge. I will post picture of it as I am building it. In between here are some pictures of the original instrument posted by Bruce Carlson on Maestronet:



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