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What's currently happening on my workbench

Purfling and neck
Tuesday, September 26 2006 13:41
I just finished inserting the purfling in their mortice. I am now ready to glue them in and finish carving the arching. The second picture shows the neck block ready to be sawed. I should be able to do that this afternoon.

Inserting the purfling

Violin neck outline
The neck
Monday, September 25 2006 10:17
I have started to prepare the neck block. As you can see on the following picture, this wood is beautiful. With big, deep, waves in it.

Violin neck
Top rough carving
Tuesday, September 19 2006 15:44
Here is a picture of the top on which I just did the rough carving. I am now going to prepare it in order to put the purfling in.

Violin top rough carving
The top plate
Sunday, September 10 2006 13:41
Since yesterday, I have started to work on the violin top plate ( made from spruce, the back is made from maple). As you can see below, I have planned flat the top underneath. Drawn the violin outline from the ribs. And cut this outline with a bandsaw. I am now going to start the rough carving of the top to prepare it to insert the purfling.

Planing the violin top

 outline of the violin top
violin top outlined
End of the arching...
Sunday, September 10 2006 11:53
Last week, I finished working on the back arching. As you can see below, the back has been carved and I have also made a good part of the finishing work (with scrapers). This is not really totally finished though. There are more operations to be done to really say that it is finished. Like: carve out the inside, set the right thickness, start to make the borders round...etc.

violin back
Thursday, August 31 2006 16:41
I have finished carving the arching of the back. I will now start the finishing process with a scraper.

finishing the back with a scraper
The arching
Sunday, August 27 2006 17:04
After having glued the purfling and gouged the purfling fluting, I am now carving the arching of the back plate. As you can see on the following pictures, this is done with thumb planes. Those planes are very small, and you hold them between the fingers. On the first picture the flaming of this mable is very visible.

Violin back arching

Carving the violing back arching
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