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What's currently happening on my workbench

The purfling
Friday, August 25 2006 10:43
After having shaped the outline and the sitde of the bottom, made and shaped the mortice, cut and curved the purfling, adjusted the corners and the bee sting, I am now ready to glue the purfling in the mortice. As you may see in this picture.

Inserting the purfling
Rough carving
Wednesday, August 16 2006 20:27
Here are pictures of the back during and after the rough carving. I am now going to prepare it in order to put the purfling. And then I will finish the carving of the arching.

Violin back rough carving

Violin back rough carving
The back
Tuesday, August 15 2006 17:06
After having traced the outline of the ribs on the back plate, I sawed it with a band-saw. Now I am going to do the rough carving to start creating the arching.

Violin back
Top and bottom preparation
Monday, August 14 2006 12:14
Yesterday, I have jointed the two maple wedges used to make the back. And also the two spruce wedges to make the top. This morning, I am preparing those plates to flatten one side. This surface will become the reference surface where I will trace and saw the violin outline and also sculpt the plates.

planing flat violin top and bottom
The ribs are done
Thursday, August 10 2006 17:35
The ribs have now been made. As we can see on this picture, the ribs have been glued on the top, bottom and corner blocks . The corners have been shaped. And the linings have been glued and trimmed to reduce their weight:

Violin ribs garland on form

Here are the ribs in a different view:

Violin ribs garland on form

And here is a detailed view of a corner. Where you can see how the end of the lining has been inserted in the corner block:

Violin ribs corner detailed view

The next step is now to glue the two wedges of the back and top and start sculpting them.
The ribs
Monday, August 07 2006 16:00
After having shaped the top and bottom block, I have shaped the second side of each corner to make them reflect the violin outline. After that, I have bent the ribs on a hot iron to give them the sape of the mould (see picture).

Violin ribs

The next step is to shape the bottom joint and glue the ribs on the blocks and corners.
Making the ribs
Sunday, August 06 2006 15:32
This week, I have started working on the "Jeunes Musiciens du Monde" violin. I have selected the wood and I have started to make the ribs as you can see on the following picture:

violin ribs
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