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What's currently happening on my workbench
In the following posts, you can learn and see what is currently happening in the workshop of Thomas Brenneur. Making of news instruments, exhibitions, the general news etc...

Vielle building...
Wednesday, November 26 2008 15:25
As you can see below, the making of the vielle is going forward. The back and side is done and the neck is almost finished carving. Next I am going to focus on the top and assemble the whole instrument before setting it up.

Medieval viol

Medieval viol
14th century bowed viol
Monday, September 08 2008 22:08
I am currently building a reconstitution of a medieval (14th century) bowed viol. This musical instrument also called fyddle, vielle à archet, fidula..etc is recreated from sculptures, drawings and paintings of that period. Unfortunately no similar instrument has survived from the middle age period.

Medieval viol
Medieval bow
Thursday, June 12 2008 14:40
I just finished this medieval bow. It has been made in walnut. And sold to Femke Bergsma from the Eya ensemble.

Medieval bow

Medieval bow frog
YMM Violin sold
Tuesday, November 06 2007 15:43
This is with great pride that I can officially announce that the Young musician of the world violin has been sold. Congratulations to the new owner. The sale amount will be integrally donated to the organization.

JMM Violin
Friday, August 10 2007 09:27
The Young Musician of the world violin is still available. Scroll down to see the history of its making.


J.P. Cormier trying the JMM violin during the Mémoire & Racines festival:

J.P. Cormier trying a violin

André Brunet and his friend trying the JMM violin during the Mémoire & Racines festival:

André Brunet trying a violin
Mémoire & Racines
Sunday, June 03 2007 14:41
This summer (July 27 to 29, 2007), I will be at the Memoire & Racines trad music festival. You will be able to see and try my instruments and bows. I hope to meet you there.
Pointe-Claire exhibition
Tuesday, May 29 2007 15:30
In the context of the Cultural Rendez-vous of Pointe-Claire I have been invited to exhibit my work and do a violin making demonstration during the antiques instruments exhibition organized by Gilles Plante from the Ensemble Claude-Gervaise group.

violin making exhibition
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