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What's currently happening on my workbench
In the following posts, you can learn and see what is currently happening in the workshop of Thomas Brenneur. Making of news instruments, exhibitions, the general news etc...

Young Musician of the World Project
Saturday, August 05 2006 17:02
Since the the beginning of the week, I have started building the violin that will be auctionned to raise funds for the Young Musicians of the World organization. This project has been made possible by the subvention offered by the Millennium Scholarship Foundation (see the Millenium Grant Programm). My goal is the represent the music school through that violin. Thus, I will use local wood from Québec to build it. And the model has been designed in Québec this winter. This will be the same model as this violin. I invite you to come back often to my blog to see the progression of the building process.
Saturday, August 05 2006 16:20
Welcome on my new website. This site will let you discover my instruments (and other) production. And read news about my current work in progress.
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