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Medieval Bowed Viol. XIVth century

This instrument is a reconstitution of a bowed viol (also called "vielle")from the XIVth century. The design is based on drawings, and scluptures found in documents and cathedrals of that period. The sides, back and rose (also named "rosace") are made of bird's eye maple. The top is made of spruce. The neck is made of soft maple. And the fingerboard, bridge and tailpiece are made of pear wood.The pegs are made of boxwood. It is set-up with gut strings tuned as  D5, A4, D4, G3, D3 (from higher to lower). This instrument measure 77cm in length.


On the following pictures you can see the finished instrument:


And on the following pictures you can see a few steps of the making of this instrument: